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Beautiful atmosphere and climate over the Kilimanjaro, sun set view with nice cloud cover...

Experience our adventure with camp in Kilimanjaro snow. We equiped with advance tools to have...

Triple M Safaris Ltd

About Triple M Safaris Ltd

Welcome to Triple M Safaris Ltd Tour Website. I offer premium tours to adventurous folks wishing to explore my homeland of Tanzania. If you'd like a guide to help you plan your adventures, to help you spot and identify wildlife, and to provide excellent food for you after a long day of hiking, I am your man! Welcome to my site, and please feel free to write me.


Trips Gallery

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Service offered

Triple M Safaris offered

  • Mountain climbing
  • Wildlife Safaris
  • Walking Safaris
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Mountain Gorrila Rwanda
  • Mount Oldonyo Lengai
  • Mount Hanang'
  • Wedding Safaris
  • Ballon flight
  • Golfing in Arusha


Other Activities

Personal or group activities

  • Beach Safaris
  • Filming
  • Assisting in hunting
  • Hotel and flight booking
  • All requirement of mountain climbing

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