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Help Life In Local Areas (HLILA)

Help Life in Local Areas (HLILA) is a 100 Percent non-profit  organization conceived out of the idea that climbers and trekkers could and should give back to communities surrounding expedition sites. HLILA strives to reach communities in areas of

One of tourist showing love to children
Tourist with children together

Tanzania. Triple M Safaris Ltd accesses this part as a part of their trips. The durable partnerships established with communities have as their defining characteristics, a long-term commitment, needs identified by the local people, and a collaborative effort to contribute to sustainable solutions.


HLILA focused on the provision of basic dental supplies, medical supplies and education supplies to the communities in orphanages in Tanzania. Working with local community leaders, HLILA has evolved into an organization with a special commitment to the health, educational, and developmental needs of children living in orphanages adjacent to expedition areas.


 Children at Schools


lients, trekkers and climbers will donate something to the community as well. This means at the end of the safari you will go on your own to the one of the orphanage, medical clinic or to the local schools for donation.


Donate your time- Travel with us and enjoy good time with Triple M Safaris. We will donate to the community to ensure the real development on the society.


 children making stories with clients


Thank you for choosing Help Life in Local Areas (HLILA), for the development of the whole community, women and Kids.